The Magic of Brighter Worlds



Acid Fingers

Your hands secrete acid for a minute. Step up the damage of your unarmed attacks, and degrade armor or equipment on Critical Damage.


Gravity no longer affects a creature or object your size or smaller for a single round.


Create a transparent, indestructible barrier of any shape with a total area of 10 square feet.

Black Ice

Freeze a surface with slick, difficult to see ice. Lasts as long as ice would last given the ambient temperature.

Black Tentacles

Black tentacles surge from a spot you choose, and make d6 attacks to attempt to grasp any creatures within 10 feet.

Bleeding Edge

Awaken bloodthirst in a bladed weapon. Its next strike deals max damage, but if that hit does not cause Critical Damage to the target the blade deals the wielder d4 Direct Damage.

Bone Bomb

Make a (dead) skeleton explode into shrapnel. Deals blast damage relative to the size of the skeleton. Can be used on skeletons with flesh on them, but the result is wetter and deals less damage.

Bonus Limbs

Grant a creature d4 extra limbs (of your choice).

Burning Gaze

Your eyes burst into flames, dealing d6 damage to everyone in your sight. Critical Damage sets creatures aflame. Small, flammable objects in view will also be set aflame.

Call Object

Summon an object you’ve held in your hand within the last 10 minutes.

Chain Lightning

Fire a d8 damage bolt of lightning from your fingers, which then leaps to a new target for d6 damage, then a third for d4 damage.

Cloak of Winds

Swirling winds surround you and anyone within reach. All incoming missile attacks are impaired.

Dragon’s Breath

Vomit an random elemental breath as a cone, 1d6 blast damage. Random element 1d6: Fire, Ice, Lightning, Acid, Sand, Water.

Electro-static Attraction

Two objects the size of a cat or smaller become strongly attracted to each other.

Entropic Drain

Siphon 1d6 Grit from one target to another.

Feather Fall

A creature falls lightly and safely until the next time they touch the ground.

Finger Flare

Make finger guns and fire a bright, but harmless, magical flare.


Cause an existing flame to explode in a d10 damage blast.

Fire Bolt

Shoot a d10 bolt of fire from your finger, ignite the target on Critical Damage.

Freezing Missile

Fire a d8 magical dart, Critical Damage freezes the target in place for a turn. Concentrate to hold them longer (WIL Save vs their STR).

Good Vibes

A single creature chills out (i.e. neutral on a Reaction Roll). The effect is broken if ill intent is shown.


Launch a blob of slippery, flammable grease the size of your fist.


Triple a creature’s speed.

Ice Spear

A spear of ice emerges from a body of water or patch of ice. Deals d10 damage if someone is in the way.

Illusory Weapon

Summon an illusory, floating copy of a weapon in your possession. You direct the weapon’s movement and may attack with it for as long as the spell is active.

Immovable Mod

An object the size of a cat (or smaller) becomes immobile and indestructible.


Summon an alligator. You do not control the alligator. It exists for 2d6 minutes (rolled secretly).


Summon an alligator which will attack anyone that tells a lie in its presence.

Kinetic Blast

Unleash a cone of force in a d6 damage blast in front of you. Any who suffer Direct Damage are knocked down.

Lighting Bolt

Shoot a d10 damage bolt of electricity. Impair the next attack or Save on Critical Damage.

Loyal Lock

Command a lock to remain open or closed. It will do so until someone manages to convince it otherwise.

Maximize Minimize

Double a creature’s size for 1 minute, then quarter its size for another minute. You may choose to reverse the order of the effects.

Mum’s the Word

Silence all sound created by you, and anyone in contact with you.

Noxious Fog

Fill the area with a thick, foul-smelling fog.

Painful Truths

Shout a true statement about the target to deal it damage based on how concealed the information was. d4 for common knowledge, d12 for something they wouldn’t think it possible you could know.

Salamander’s Lock Pick

Superheat a small piece of metal to weaken or melt it.

Sorcerous Interference

Negate another spell cast in your presence. Optionally make a WIL Save vs their WIL. Win: Turn the spell against its caster. Tie: Negate the spell. Lose: The spell takes effect as the caster intended.

Staring Contest

Make eye contact with a creature, it cannot look away until you do.

Stasis Bubble

Summon a glass sphere one foot in diameter, time is stopped inside the sphere until the glass is broken.

Static Shock

Build charge in your hands. Each hand deals d10 damage to the next creature you touch, Critical Damage stuns.

Sticky Spit

Spit a wad of sticky, extremely adhesive phlegm.


Swap the locations of two similarly sized creatures or objects you can see.


Two objects cannot move more than 10 feet from each other.

Time Skip

Rewind time to one round ago for everyone but you.

Time Slip

Send something the size of a cat or smaller 1 minute into the future.

Tracking Mark

Fire a magical mark out of your finger. It is invisible to everyone but you, and you always know what direction it’s in. Lasts until you create another mark.

Venerable Val’s Vicious Vertical Vantage Variation

Gravity inverts for you and the next creature you touch.

Wall Walk

Choose a surface, gravity near the surface is shifted so creatures can comfortably walk along it.

Watchful Eye

Mark a surface with an eye symbol, and name a specific thing. When that thing is viewed by the eye you are alerted. Lasts until you cast this spell again.

Web Spray

Cover a surface or fill an opening with sticky webbing.


Astral Projection

Project your soul from your body. You are ethereal and are immune to physical attacks and hazards. Magical and spiritual effects still impact you, and could sunder you from your body.


Toss bones, draw cards, or otherwise cast lots to immediately divine the outcome of a specific action. There is a 3 in 6 chance of a meaningful answer of weal, woe or uncertain. If the roll fails it is always uncertain. Increase the chance of a meaningful answer by 1 in 6 for each of: burning an offering, taking 10 minutes, involving a living creature.

Be Our Guest

[drop of blood] Grant temporary life and sentience to an inanimate object. It will follow the first command you give it, but act according to its nature for the remaining 10 minutes of its life.

Bird’s Eye View

Summon a flock of nearby birds to perform surveillance for you. They will follow your instructions for a day and report to you what they find, although they will not put themselves in harm’s way. For each additional day of service the flock will require a large quantity of bird feed.

Bloody Bane

[blood] Mark a weapon with blood. The weapon bypasses any armor and supernatural defenses of the creature whose blood was used until the blood washes off.

Bottled Weather

Capture the current weather in a bottle as you perform a ritual. Open the bottle to release the weather.

Celestial Interruption

Halt the passage of time, it remains whatever time of day it was when you performed the ritual. As long as the effect lasts everyone is deprived, wounds do not heal, and souls cannot cross the Black River. When you release your grip, suffer d12 Direct Damage to WIL, plus an additional d12 for each skipped day as time snaps back into motion.

Chain of Unseeing

Enclose an area in a chain of precious metal. Until something crosses the chain, everything within is shielded from mundane and magical sight.

Circle of Protecting Flame

[flammable material] Trace a closed loop around an area with a flammable material. As long as you stay within the enclosed space, anything attempting to cross will cause the loop to ignite into a wall of flame, dealing d10 damage.

Clay Minion

Form a creature from clay. Inscribe instructions onto the clay to animate the creature, which will follow those instructions. The stats of the minion are determined by its size and shape. Anything beyond very basic instructions will dramatically increase the time needed to perform this ritual. The minion lasts until you perform this ritual again.

Curse Object

Curse an object. The next creature to handle it will be cursed with bad luck, and be unable to rid themselves of that object. While they posses the object they re-roll any die that rolls its max value.

Devil’s in the Dust Trails

Blow dust at a mark on a surface (scratch, scuff, footprint). The dust will briefly animate to show you what caused the mark.

Explosive Runes

Draw a rune on a surface. The rune explodes in a d10 blast at your command, or when read by any creature. You are deprived until the runes are triggered.

Eye in the Sky

Pop one of your eyeballs out, it orbits your head for 10 minutes. You can still see through the eye.

Fire Trap

Curse an object. The next creature to handle it is dealt 1d10 Direct Damage and set aflame.

Flame Friend

[piece of charcoal] Eat a piece of charcoal to summon an orb of flame that follows you for a day to provide illumination.

Herb’s Interplanar Delivery

[money] An extra planar devil will deliver a hot, fresh meal in ten minutes or less. Costs what a meal at a decent restaurant would cost in the general area the ritual is used, plus a 25% delivery charge. Tips welcome.

Hidden Door

Trace the outside of a door in chalk. A tactile illusion stretches in to hide the presence of the door. Can be broken by someone who knows where the door should be interacting with it.

If These Walls Could Talk

Draw a mouth on a wall using your own saliva. Using that mouth, the wall will answer one question to the best of its ability about something that occurred in its presence.

Illusory Terrain

Create a perfect, physically tangible illusion to cover a location. One object within the illusion must remain unchanged, and can be used to break the illusion. The ritual takes more time to perform based on the size of the location. 10 minutes for a room, 1 day for a small building, 1 week for a castle.

Living Weapon

Enchant a weapon to float behind you and attack at your command. It deals its own damage, and has 3 Grit. Lasts until it takes Direct Damage or you perform this ritual again.

Locate Object

Concentrate on a specific object. You know the direction and distance to that object as well as its current state. Can be used with objects you do not have first hand knowledge of, but the less detailed the description the more vague the effects.

Midnight Market

Perform this ritual at midnight to open a portal to the Midnight Market, a fae gathering where nearly anything can be purchased for the right price. Remaining in the Market past sunrise runs the risk of being trapped.


You and any number of willing creatures you touch form a telepathic link and may speak to each other from any distance until the next sunrise.

Monstrous Melding

Take 6 hours to transplant a monster’s organ or limb into a willing subject. They gain some aspect of the power or abilities of the donor. Lasts for a week, unless the ritual is performed again during that duration in which case the effect becomes permanent (some side effects may occur).

No Mask? No Mask!

[clay] Smear a person’s face with clay to reshape their flesh as though it were putty. Lasts until sunrise.

Oathkeeper’s Light

[white flower] Burn the flower while an oath is sworn. Flame will internally ignite any who break the oath, dealing them d6 Direct Damage every sunrise for a week.

Pearl’s Pocket Paradise

[money] Draw a door on a flat surface. The door opens only for you, and into an inn room with a simple sleeping pad. If you sacrifice money while performing this ritual, the quality and quantity of the amenities increases. The increase in quality is cumulative with the money sacrificed during each performance of the ritual.

Perfect Divination

[beast’s heart] Consume the still warm heart of a beast to be granted perfect knowledge of the next day. Once, at any point during the next 24 hours, you may declare that what just happened was not reality, but actually part of your vision of the future. “Rewind” time by up to 10 minutes. Cannot be performed again until the initial 24 hour period has passed.

Planar Summoning

[offering] Draw a summoning circle then speak the true name of an extra planar creature and give a suitably tempting offering to summon it. The circle will keep the creature contained until you release it, or the circle is broken from without. This ritual does not grant any control or influence over the summoned creature.

Pocket Container

[chest] The first time you perform this ritual, the chest is hidden in a pocket dimension. Afterward, this ritual resummons that chest.


[blood] Transform into the creature whose blood you drank during the ritual until the next sunrise.

Purifying Flame

Name a specific poison, disease, or enchantment to purge it from an individual. Use is still possible without knowing the specific name, but results may be inconsistent or have side effects.

Reflexive Invisibility

[bio sample] Consume a sample from the target (a bit of hair, drop of blood, etc). You and the target cannot see one another. Lasts until you perform this ritual again.

Resizing Loop

Tie thread around something, and tighten the loop as you perform this ritual. As the loop shrinks, whatever is tied also shrinks with it. Lasts until the thread is broken.

Soul Stone

[diamond] As this ritual is performed the subject of the ritual consumes a diamond. If they are killed, their mind and soul is preserved within the diamond. They’ll still need a new body though.

Spectral Torment

[hair] Burn a tuft of hair as the sun sets. Until the sun rises, the owner of the hair is ceaselessly harassed by ghosts and spirits.

Spell Encapsulation

Embed a spell into runes drawn on a surface. Set a trigger, when that trigger’s condition is met the spell is automatically cast. Can be quickly reset by casting the spell into the runes. Rituals Cont.

Spider Eye

[spider] Eat a spider. Afterwards one of your eyeballs crawls out of its socket on spider legs. You can direct where the eyeball goes, and can still see through it. The eyeball may stay separated from you indefinitely, but is fragile and at risk of harm or destruction.

Storage Hall

Open a portal to an infinite space filled with rows of impermeable 10x10x10 foot cubes. The closest of these cubes is open on one side. Anything stored within this box is kept perfectly preserved.

Summon Swarm

[vermin] Kill an insect, rat, or other vermin with your bare hands. Summon a swarm of the sacrificed creature with total mass equal to a cow. You can control the direction the swarm moves in for ten minutes, but afterwards the swarm will act on its own.


Mark a door with a unique symbol. The next door you open opens to the door you marked. Lasts until either door is closed.

Temporal Seal

Form a loop with a rope, chain, or other cord. Time within the loop is totally frozen until the cord is broken. The ritual provides no protection or enhancement to the cord itself. The ritual takes more time to perform if the enclosed space is large: 10 minutes to enclose a person, 1 day to enclose a room, 1 week to enclose a building.

The Dead Speak

[a candle] Drip wax into the mouth of a dead creature and ask it 3 questions. It will answer two truthfully. After answering that creature will never respond to this spell again.

Threshold Sentinel

[alcohol] Awaken the spirit of a doorway or similar threshold with an offering of alcohol. The spirit will prevent anyone from passing through the doorway unless they know a passcode you set, dealing d12 damage to anyone that forces their way through. Lasts a day, but becomes permanent if repeated daily for a week.

Tongue of the Blue Serpent

Inscribe rust- colored, serpentine letters on a surface. Anyone reading these words becomes immobilized unless they succeed a WIL Save vs your WIL.

Tree Form

[twig] Ritualistically prepare a twig. Afterwards, anyone may snap the branch to transform into a tree of the same type as the branch. The transformed person may return to their original form at will.

True Name Bolt

Enchant a bolt, arrow, or other ammunition with the true name of a single creature along with something from their body (hair, blood, etc.). If it deals Direct Damage to the named target it will instantly kill them.

Umbral Steed

[skull] Summon a tireless undead steed which is destroyed by sunlight.

Winged Courier

Transform paper into a small bird which will fly to a person you name before transforming back.